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Bharath Sangeet Utsav 2012, U.S.A

Sanskrithi 2012

Kreative 2012

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Minneapolis Carnatic Star! Talent hunt for Carnatic music! The first-ever talent hunt contest for Carnatic music is here!

Tour Schedule

Carnatica Brothers Spring Tour 2011

school of world music and dance

School of world Music & Dance works hard to quench the musical thirst of rasikas and connoisseurs alike in USA.
The basic aim of The School of world Music & Dance is to rekindle the public interest in our art forms and emphasize the central role of music and dance in Indian culture and history.
Our school imparts quality music and dance training to the students and also encourages them by identifying their talent and lead them to the oodles of glory. School even supports the talented or economically downtrodden students with scholarships.

Our Customized Training

School of world Music courses are are a perfect option for those of you who have a definite time period in mind to learn and understand a particular segment of Music or Dance. Keeping in mind the pupil's wide spectrum of interests and his comprehension level, a number of categories have been introduced into the Certificate Course where one can hope to get a thorough yet succinct understanding of the subject of interest within a definite span of time.