Past Events

  • DR. PANTULA RAM FALL TOUR ITINERARY - 2010 Accompanied by - Shri. M.S.N Murthy (Violin) & Thanjavur Shri. Murugaboopathi (Mridangam)
  • WORLD PEACE & HARMONY CARNATIC VOCAL MUSIC CONCERT By Limca World Record holders, and leading vocalists The Carnatica Brothers Shri.K.N Shashikiran and P. Ganesh.
  • Kuru Seva Tvam - A musical ensemble Coordinated by Lalitha Ramamoorthy
  • Rama Krishnam Bhaje - Music &Dance Recital (Featuring Annamacharya krithis & Abhangs)December 4th, 2010. Admission Free
  • June 2010- A thematic Carnatic chamber concert presented by Ms. Lalitha Ramamoorthy at Sharjah, Dubai , U.A.E
  • June 2010- A lecture demonstration and bharathanatyam performance on Padams and javalis presented by Ms. Lalitha Ramamoorthy at the Abhaya Dance School in Dubai U.A.E
  • May 2010- A very unique musical skit titled “Meeting with Saint. Thyagaraja in Sangeetalokha” presented at Flint Kasi temple, in Michigan by senior students of School of World Music and dance for the Great Lakes Aradhana Committee of Michigan, to educate the public and students of music about a musical genius and great composer in Indian classical music, Shri. Thyagaraja.
  • May 2010- A thematic Carnatic duo concert presented by the Carnatica brothers, K.N Shashikiran and P. Ganesh, for Great Lakes Aradhana Committee, Michigan.
  • April 2010- Carnatic Music Star Concert presented by the Carnatica brothers (Shri. K.N. Shashikiran and P. Ganesh) at Minneapolis in association with the S.V Temple in Minneapolis.
  • April 2010- Carnatic Talent competition in association with the S.V Temple, Minneapolis with over 90 participants and 30 prizes were awarded to the winners besides given them an opportunity to perform.
  • April 2010- A thematic Carnatic music concert presented by Ms. Lalitha Ramamoorthy at the Balaji Temple in Novi, Michigan.
  • March 2010- April 2010 Carnatic music Workshops in vocal music conducted by K.N Shashikiran (Expert Faculties from India) to train the students of School of World music & Dance for concerts, and national competitions.
  • April 2010- Carnatic music Workshops and advanced training and coaching for students of School of World Music and Dance to prepare them for yearly practical and theory examinations and certifying courses. Workshops were conducted by expert faculty members in Carnatic music, Shri. K.N Shashikiran and Shri. P Ganesh.
  • March 2010- Five senior students were trained to participate at the Cleveland Aradhana Music Festival in Cleveland, Ohio during their national vocal and instrumental music competitions by the professional teachers at SWMD.
  • February 2010- Bharathanatyam dance aradhana program performed by students of Smt. Lalitha Ramamoorthy at the Balaji Vedic heritage Center in Troy, Michigan.
  • Dec 2009- May 2010 A monthly Bajan Sandhya program presented by 8-10 young students of SWMD at the Shirdi Sai Temple in Livonia, Michigan.
  • Sep 2009- World Peace Music and dance program, A unique program dedicated towards world peace showcasing the merge of musical stalwarts in Western and Indian Classical music.

Up-Coming Events


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