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    Premiered for the first time in North America

    The School of World Music & Dance was founded with earnest mission of relighting the public interest in our ancient Asian Indian art forms and which bring to the fore the central role of music and dance in the rich Indian culture and Indian history. For the past four years, we have been taking small yet determined steps towards our mission. We edify willing learners and also incubate talents. We also showcase artists who are world class in their own right, and deserve a right platform to perform leading them to oodles of glory. We deem it as our duty to nurture the talented or economically challenged students or young amateur artists and with supports like scholarships to increase their scope for excellence in music and dance. Our school has successfully presented very unique festivals and programs in the last four years.

    To highlight a few:
    • Minneapolis Carnatic Star Contest, May 2012.
    • Integral contributor at the Indo American festival “Sarovar” in the year 2011.
    • Our most talented students & young artists featured in the “Diversity day” celebrations presented by Comerica bank, Michigan for year 2008, 2009, and 2011.
    • Our most talented students & young artists featured in the “Diversity day” celebrations presented by Comerica bank, Michigan for year 2008, 2009, and 2011.
    • VOICE GYM- Special voice culture workshop in collaboration with Carnatica, India 2010.
    • Global Peace festival in 2009, in collaboration with a leading overseas organization such as Carnatica, Chennai, India.
    • We have also presented very unique programs in the Detroit International Arts Festival, “Concerts of Colors” organized by the Arab American Museum in Detroit for two consecutive years.
    • Asides the above, we have sponsored more than 30 internationally renowned musicians, violinists, percussionists, and acclaimed musicologists to tour North America for excellent quality concerts. We also conduct examinations, workshops, voice management courses and certified dance courses for different levels of learning to help students get certified and accredited in various genres of music and dance. We have a very well chosen set of qualified professionals, musicians, musicologists and dance exponents in our advisory board who have carefully planned our curriculum and we take great pride in providing the best training and

      Nothing can get to "happily ever after" without turning the page and every time the page is turned, we expect the subject to get better. This year we have embarked on a plan to celebrate our annual day with an extravagant music, dance and performing arts festival called ”Barath Sangeeth Utsav 2012”. On the 22nd of Sep 2012 our festival will be highlighted as “Sanskrithi2012” (meaning Heritage) and on the 23rd of September 2012 we will have “KREATIVE2012”.

      While “Sankrithi 2012” on Sep 22nd 2012 will feature the talent and years of training of our own students both in music and dance along with thematic Classical concerts presented by world renowned musicians “Kreative 2012” on Sep 23rd 2012 will be a very unique talent competition to crown the most versatile, and talented singers, dancers and musicians. We are extremely excited and committed to success of this endeavor where we expect a huge turnout of over 500 families of participants and cultural art form enthusiasts. We seek the support of our community to make this a legacy and with the anticipated belief of reaching out nationally and internationally in the years to come. We seek to see your hands extend to support this event and help us in making this a grand success. All donations and sponsorships given to School of World Music and Dance, Novi, MI are tax deductable.

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 BSU 2012 U.S.A


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